Tutti Méditerranée

       Our fourth site Passeurs d'Arts is located on the edge of the Mediterranean in Sausset les Pins, near Marseille.Verna Kaunisto-Feodorow, a brilliant Finnish violinist whose pedagogy is a reference in Sistema Europe, is the "Maestro founder".
She participates in the development of the method and represents Passeurs d'Arts in France and abroad.
        The device began quietly on a staff of eleven children playing strings (figure appearing modest, but symbolically very strong since the first orchestra of Maestro Abreu in Venezuela counted the same number of children musicians). But over the months, the number is increasing and the ambition is very great to make Passeurs d'Arts Méditerranée one of the beautiful models of education by the orchestra in France.
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Verna au CRR de Paris, avec Gustavo Dudamel et Yefren Carrero, Maestro PA
        Verna at the CRR in Paris, with Gustavo Dudamel and Yefren Carrero, Maestro PA
Dans le dispositif Méditerranée comme dans les autres, les enfants prennent goût aux pratiques collectives. Très vite, l'intensité devient la normalité. Ce sont les enfants qui en parlent le mieux, à l'image d'Alexandre ... "Les meilleurs moments de ma vie, je les vis dans l'orchestre Passeurs d'Arts"
        In the Mediterranean system as in others, children take a liking to collective practices. Very quickly, the intensity becomes normality. It is the children who speak it best, like Alexander ... "The best moments of my life, I live them in the orchestra Passeurs d'Arts"
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